ASA Services

What ASA brings to the table

We bring individuals with special needs and their support teams together with the adaptive technology that is intended to improve their quality of life.

We ask probing and precise questions to elicit useful feedback regarding these real users’ expectations and experience of the product. We analyze our results to present a set of findings, both for the product’s current state and for its potential.

We present our findings and initiate an ongoing dialog with developers, investors and other stakeholders regarding next steps for releasing the highest quality product possible within the constraints of the product lifecycle.

We bring adaptive solutions to their intended audience prior to rollout to ensure that release of the product will achieve the goals that both the developers and the users expect.

We understand that the user of a product is not always the same person as the customer who purchases it. We differentiate their feedback to gather exactly the right information.

We start conversations and grow together in understanding the populations with special needs, the solutions available and how to improve lives and outcomes.

We create buzz among users to propel interest and input. These are highly motivated groups of people whose job it is to help others. They are more than willing to share what works to improve outcomes. That includes improving adaptive technology. They are part of a groundswell that believes they can help individuals with special needs, not just before they enter school, but during their K-12 education and beyond as they transition to adulthood. They are passionate and connected to each other and the broader community of practice. They can drive innovation, and we can engage them to help guide development of the projects we work on.

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