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IMG_1806Kathryn Dran has over twenty years’ experience in IT systems development and technical communications. She has been the mother of an child with autism for 16 years and an active voice in the autism community as an advisor and advocate for the past 10 years.

Kathryn specializes in conducting the research, analysis and synthesis of customer needs and then matching them with the appropriate products and services. Kathryn is a connector and problem solver in business and in the community. Her goal is to help individuals affected by autism grow up enjoying as much independence and self-determination as possible, according to their strengths and abilities.

Kathryn is a director on the board of the Autism Society of Colorado. One high point in her involvement in the organization was the passage of Health Insurance Mandatory Autism Treatment (HIMAT) in 2010. Another major contribution Kathryn made with the Autism Society of Colorado was initiating a quarterly conference for parents and providers on a variety of topics including IEP preparation and autism and the juvenile justice system. In addition, she publishes a variety of autism education and support articles for her own blog and several local and national special needs support websites and newsletters. Her articles have been used by parents across the Denver Metro Area, nationally and as far north as Canada to conduct their own research into finding appropriate school systems, services and support mechanisms for their children with autism.

Highlights of Kathryn’s professional career include bringing to market the initial release of a global mobile navigation application for the aviation industry and improving process efficiency and documentation for two of the nation’s largest health insurance companies.

A background in autism and information technology provides Kathryn the unique insight needed to design and engineer solutions for a wide variety of abilities, interests and needs along the Autism Spectrum. She identifies opportunities for engagement between providers and customers and bridges the gaps between innovators and their potential investors and clients. By taking a research-based approach to product acceptance and adoption, Kathryn assures that the right people answer the right questions to provide the right solution.

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